Artist: 'SeanO'

Medium: Oil on canvas

Song title: 'Adagio for Strings' (Ferry Corsten Mix)

Performed by: William Orbit-Barber

Title: '21st Century Girl'

​British Airways flight diverted after 'drunk women threatened crew'
Flight from Gatwick to Tunis diverted to Lyon after two women reportedly tried to force their way into cockpit. 
Source: Press Association &, Thurs 3 January 2013

Inebriated woman wildly punching random racegoers

The Daily Mail has uploaded a jaw-dropping video showing a woman in a tight blue dress, fascinator and high heels so punch-drunk she’s repared to take on the entire crowd at the Melbourne racetrack.

Source: Daily Mail.  7 November 2012

Artist Views

The difference between tipsy and trashed

Now I know men drink too much too, but lately the Internet seems to be brimming with women who can barely stand, talk or reason. All too many of these pictures show many are seen staggering, swearing and fighting.

The video that accompanies this painting has been sourced exclusively from public Youtube posts.  All the artist has done, is edited the highlights, if that's what you call them.. and its not a pretty site!  Health authorities state that 41% of men and 34% of women are drinking over these recommended levels and over 1.1 million people in England are dependent on alcohol.

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