The Old Boy of Portobello

This capture came from one of my 'Capturing London' walks in Notting Hill and the Portobello Road.  He captured my attention right away, as he was leaning on a road bollard filling out what I can only imagine was a betting slip.  I photographed him several times and moved on up the Portobello Road to photograph other people.  Upon my return journey I spotted him once more, but this time he was eating a sausage in-a-roll sandwich, with surgical mask pushed daintily  under his chin, topped off by a pork-pie straw hat.  He was characterized by the ease and friendliness his affable manner and looked for the moment, content with the world and his place in it.  


One Foot in the Grave

When I took this picture it triggered a number of mixed emotions, but I knew the overall composition of the shot was quite startling,

I mean here was a poor young man, slouched and comatose against a monument stone plinth, almost reminiscent of someone leaning up against his own gravestone.   Several people tried to rouse him, but surrounded by empty beer cans and God knows what else he might have taken... he wouldn't respond. 


We see this all to often in the World's towns and Cities, where Individuals who abuse alcohol are also more likely to abuse other substances, like prescription or illicit drugs. Illicit drugs – cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana. Startlingly, three London boroughs have been named amongst the ten worst places in the UK for substance abuse.


Revenge Upon the Vanities  

I dislike the sport of bullfighting immensely, so when a tale reached me of the bull triumphantly getting leaving it legacy and mark upon the bullfighting fraternity, I was compelled to create this portrait. 


He was a killer of bulls, a so called sport that still flourishes despite the world's outcry.  But On October 7, 2011 Juan Padilla was gored by a bull in Zaragoza, almost dying from his injuries. From a single horn wound through his skull, he suffered multiple fractures to both jaw and skull, facial paralysis, loss of hearing in his right ear and of sight in his left eye.  The bull quite simply got the better of the vanities that parade within bull fighting arena.  This picture is very much tongue in cheek... please forgive the pun.  SeanO

"Nobody tells me what to paint or draw, I use my
moral compass and a passionate soul as my guide..."   SeanO
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Making Love

End of the Affair This portrait is set in Paris, on 28 January 1871.  Two people fall in love quickly, but soon realise that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from frustrations by refusal of one, to divorce their partner.  In the end the siege of Paris forces their hand with the capture and military utilisation of their love nest The Grande Hotel.

'City Scapes'

London - St Pauls and Millennium Bridge is my first at painting buildings and landscapes and what better place to start than the two contrasting iconic images of past and present architecture.

Love hate relationship and a mobile phone. Texts fly here and there, then the silence.  Speed drawing to the music of Serj Tankian

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New Art

Children of the Revolution
This portrait explores the common thread of young people's mistrust of Governments, politicians and the 1% who seemingly control the worlds economy.  It also highlights effects of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and protests elsewhere in the Middle East and north Africa, where there is soul-crushing high rate of youth unemployment.  More and more young people are becoming agitated by blind democracy and nonexistent employment opportunities.


Tears Video




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