Tony Blair

Tony Blair - Iraq Report
Oil, God & other people.

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David Cameron

So what exactly has the EU ever done for us?

Donald Trump

The world and nuclear bombs... two things you never allow egotistical
people to play with!

Nick Clegg

...or is it Nick Dreggs?
A glass half empty type
of guy.


The Assad dynasty and the killing of hundreds of thousands of their own countrymen.

David Miliband

David Miliband thought it would be a two horse race for No10.

Robert Mugabe

Mugarbe's neglect of his nation and its children, while he gows rich from the fat of Zimbabwe land.

David Cameron & George Osborne

The Misers - the kings of austerity.


Gordon Brown

The day after tomorrow,
who would want to be King.
Gordon Brown's disatrous election campaign.


Trump & Putin

Comrade Trump and Putin

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