Artist: 'SeanO'


Medium: Acrylic on Board

Red Ed and Ned


It's a two horse race... and what a set of dentures.  Possibly this painting is focused upon Mr Miliband’s dwindling supporters ... except for the horse that is!  Or is it a poke at Labour’s “silent majority” now accused of “losing their heads”. Do these people seriously believe Ed Miliband would guide his party to victory in the summer months of 2015. 


Joking aside, I believe that people, the

citizens of this country are generally disengaged with politics.  For the most part they are all dishonest, currupt, power hungry and all too busy feathering their own nests.


The awful truth about Ed Miliband isn’t that he’s a clueless politician leading his party to defeat. Rather, it’s his strategy – of rubbishing the Coalition, which seems to relentlessly focus on splintered attacks that aggrigate from the scraps that fall from Cameron’s table.  However, it must also be said, that the person most terrified by the prospect of a coup against Ed Miliband is David Cameron.


Its October of 2014, and Labour MPs seem often to be in open revolt, not because they are guilty of disloyalty or self-indulgence. They are in revolt because they can see what the entire country sees: that Ed Miliband is not up to the job of being prime minister.

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