"I'm a media artist, this means I engage with art, paint, digital tech and film and almost anything
I can lay my hands upon..."   SeanO

What is art
Art is just the pure reflection of what we sensing right now in this world.  And, in this instance, these experiences are manifested, recreated, channeled through words, music, paper, canvas, stone, clay, tablets, photography, films and hard hitting media.

What we see, what we capture, what we create and recreate, this is all art, this is our life...
this is our story



SeanO is self taught artist and generally attracted towards capturing, painting and drawing real life drama, as I like to call it "The street theatre of the flesh and bone." 

Why you may ask?  I suppose its because real life is such a profound mix of the good, bad and the ugly (Peace/War, generosity/famine, love/hate, modesty/pride, happiness/sadness).  I guess, my art is also a portrayal of the junk that fills our heads.  I say this beacause we live in a media rich world, where we are all spoon fed upon media messages from TV, news and advertising agencies, who consistantly tell us how we should live, what we should think and buy, what's trendy and what's not.  

On one level, I'm totally obsessed with art and creativity.
I love to see, touch and absorb the expression of art in all its genres and forms, whether written, spoken, or visually conveyed.  Lastly, I have never been massively or hugely into politics, yet social injustices and political stupidity angers me greatly. I suppose this is the reason why, I am occasionally led in to making my own stark political statements through canvas, paint and graphite.

SeanO blogerette...

We definitely live in a different age from the great masters.  We now have so many creative vices to play with such as video, mixed genre music, media, film, special effects.  I feel privileged to live in an arts era, where I can creatively mix my painting, with filmmaking, with a touch of performing arts.

One of my favourite living artists...

Michele Del Campo

Italy, Barcelona, London

Del Campo's vibrant, expressive paintings are pure observations of people and the world they live

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BBC's Will Gompertz say's in an attempt to cheer up the old port of Margate, the council have "done a Bilbao.


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Some of our planets most beautiful scenes and locations, I think it highlights to us all 'what a wonderful world' we live in!

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