"A work of art which did not begin in emotion... is not art..."   Paul Cezanne

the media artist

Painting and drawing people and real life events, I call it the street theatre of the...  

flesh and bone  

Revenge Upon the Vanities  

He was a killer of bulls, a so called sport that still flourishes despite the world's outcry. 

But On October 7, 2011 Juan Padilla was gored by a bull in Zaragoza, almost dying from his injuries. From a single horn wound through his skull, he suffered multiple fractures to both jaw and skull, facial paralysis, loss of hearing in his right ear and of sight in his left eye.

The bull quite simply got the better of the vanities that parade within bull fighting arena.  This picture is very much tongue in cheek... please forgive the pun.  SeanO

The Chilcot Iraq Inquiry was published on 6th July 2016.  This picture captures the essence of Tony Blaire's statement that other people and God were complicit in his decisions.

Love hate relationship and a mobile phone. Texts fly here and there, then the silence.  Speed drawing to the music of Serj Tankian

"A Winter's
Tale - By the
South Bank

This is how I see winter by the Southbank and what better view could conjure up so many historic  tales of the great city of London.

"Till I Can
Count No More"

Here, I see a young girl, who's internment has caused untold pain and suffering.  Her loss of family, dear friends and acquaintances are marked and etched in charcoal upon stark cold, courtyard wall.

End of the Affair This portrait is set in Paris, on 28 January 1871.  Two people fall in love quickly, but soon realise that the affair will end as quickly as it began. The relationship suffers from frustrations by refusal of one, to divorce their partner.  In the end the siege of Paris forces their hand with the capture and military utilisation of their love nest The Grande Hotel.

Children of the Revolution
This portrait explores the common thread of young people's mistrust of Governments, politicians and the 1% who seemingly control the worlds economy.  It also highlights effects of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and protests elsewhere in the Middle East and north Africa, where there is soul-crushing high rate of youth unemployment.  More and more young people are becoming agitated by blind democracy and nonexistent employment opportunities.

The Maid of Orleans is focused upon Joan of Arc, burnt at the stake, accused of heresy.

Once again, i have chosen to explore and play with colour, before subtly bringing the features of the face back to the fore. I have also produced a vdeo weaving paint, media film and music together.

The Making of Citizen Smith
and the world riots, is a study of the London civil unrest riots 2011, Greece austerity riot 2012, Barcelona general strike riot 2012 and Rome austerity riot 2012. What makes peole rise to this point, is it Government neglect of the lower classes that is creating discontent and a growing army of Citizen Smith's.

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